Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT in English

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Emotional Freedom Techniques04-SHMEIA-KSEK.ENERG.KENTR
EFT method was discovered by the psychiatrist Dr Roger Callahan and was developed by Gary Craig. According to clinical psychologist Dr David Feinstein and founder of the Institute of Energy Medicine, The amygdale, located in the limbic part of the brain that produces a sense of emotion, sends pulses to the autonomic nervous system, which concludes fight or flee, i.e. a burst of negative emotions, anger, fear, panic, sadness or stop the alarm. If fight or flight is decided, then the autonomic nervous system automatically gives the command for the secretion of chemical substance into the blood, such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol, causing an increase in heartbeats and blood pressure. At the same time the primitive (reptilian) part of the brain plans to respond to the threat in its own way. This mode of reaction has little to do with the logic which has developed in the neocortex , as the spiritual part of our brain is called
The physical sensations from the response alarm is feelings of anger (fight), feelings of fear (fleeing) and inability to react, i.e. disabling the alarm achieved by energy psychology.
In our body there are 360 acupuncture points which are scattered along 14 energy meridians. The activation of acupuncture points sends electromagnetic pulses to the brain, which affect its function, a fact shown by MRI (Magnetic Tomography). The sending of electromagnetic waves is based on piezoelectricity, which is nothing more than electricity generated by pressure or massage on specific points. The activation of specific points on the skin not only changes our brain function, but disables parts of the brain that are involved in the experience of fear and pain.
According to psychiatrist Dr Roger Callahan Karr Gary Craig our energy interventions interrupt our negative reaction as follows:
We think of the image of the stimulus that causes us depression, sadness, fear, panic, or other problems, while we activate our energy centers, sending electromagnetic pulses to the amygdale, which resends prohibits the response to the alarm
The pulses or impulses that we send cause the amygdale to reduce the number of neural connections between the image of the stimulus and the response to the alarm.
After a number of repetitions of the activation energy points, if the image that caused us alarm comes to our brain, or live again this image, it will not cause us alarm.

Conclusion: All our mental and therefore physical ailments are due to our lack of love, the negative emotions and chemical reactions that create and poison our body. The body works this way because it is based on the evolution of the structure of our brain, which consists of three separate portions among themselves: The reptilian brain, the limbic and neocortex. Our feelings grow in the limbic brain whereas our logical thinking, which is developed in the neo-cortex, cannot control our emotions. Our emotions operate autonomously and with messages and chemical secretions that they create, fully define our lives. Ways to overcome our emotional problems is meditation, prayer, revival, proposed by Dr Janov, but the easiest one to use is the EFT method that I will analyze in detail in the next chapter. This is accomplished by the above procedure when we send electromagnetic waves to the brain, resulting in chemistry changes in the amygdale and other regions of our brain and cancel the alarm.
Other methods to analyze is the breakout of the energy meridians, the method “The Healing Code”, with the focus of our consciousness on our hearts and not on our minds (procedure HeartMath), by disabling repressed negative emotions with acupressure technique, massaging on basic energy points, where negative emotions are accumulate, but also with energy harmonizing at the chakras.
Our heart with the coherence or non-coherence in its pulsation sends electromagnetic waves to the brain and creates peace or alarm, which directly affects our psychological well-being and health. We must focus on our heart and not on our the mind, because this can destroy us when we do negative thoughts or when we end up thinking that everything is black and then we move away from our Source.

2.2. EFT Method (Emotional Freedom Technique) 
The emotional freedom techniques release blocked energy. The blocking of the energy is done by repeating an emotion or by focusing our attention on a point that causes us pain. Then blocking of energy flow in a specific energy meridian happens. (There are 14 energy meridians).
Applying a few hits or massage into energy points, dissolve energy blockages and restore the flow of energy. 
Also, as we saw above, electromagnetic waves are sent to the amygdale and other brain regions, as a result inhibiting our negative reaction or strengthening our goals.
Everything starts from the system of our beliefs. As we saw, when we have a belief system, a neural network that enters into effect with a stimulus is created in our brain. This stimulus passes by the belief system. We interpret it as positive or negative and we feel the appropriate emotions. When this stimulus is presented, the negative energy field that is created by this stimulus is activated; as a result, we have energy blockages that generate outbreak of negative emotions, and also illnesses in our body.
As we have seen, man is energy. When with his negative beliefs, he interprets a negative stimulus, then, he breaks down, blocks the energy field, creating outburst of negative emotions and health problems to the organs supplied with power from the blocked meridian.
Gary Craig, has applied this technique to a veteran of the war in Vietnam, Rich, in which he defused in an hour negative reactions and emotions in him caused by memories of war, whereas classical psychology and psychiatry did not manage to do it for decades. Of course, this does not mean that he won’t have memories of his horrific experiences, but these memories will be turned off by negative emotions. The memories of the war will have now lost their emotional charge, which created the problem. The charging of these experiences was freed as follows: while Rich was bringing to mind the experiences of war and the negative emotions they caused, Gary Graig was hitting EFT points, thus sending electromagnetic waves in the amygdale and other brain regions to inhibit the negative emotional reactions i.e. not fight or issue a message of fight or vanishing. As explained, the amygdale is located in the limbic part of the brain. This section acts autonomously on the messages received, for example, when it receives an alarm message, it sends a message of fight or endorse the message of alarm invalid and continues normally function. In the same way Gary Craig healed first the height phobia that Rich had and as he was hitting the energy points, he brought to mind the horror he felt when he looked from great height.
It should be mentioned that the he who really started the EFT method was the psychiatrist Dr Roger Callahan and then this method was amended by Gary Craig.
In 1980 Dr Callahan had a patient, Mary, who was suffering from great fear of water; she had severe headaches, stomach aches and nightmares ere often overlooked. Trying blows on energy centers, he surprisingly, discovered that Mary overcame all her phobias of the water, but also the headaches and nightmares.
Dr Roger Callahan discovered then the essence of the power of EFT: negative emotions cause splitting of the energy system of the body. When Mary was experiencing the fear of water, the energy flowed through the energy meridian stomach stopped. The energy imbalance caused her emotional intensity and disorder in electromagnetic and chemical balance of the stomach. Hitting below the eye, he was sending impulses to this meridian, restoring the decay energy. The hits revived the energy balance. Once the flow of energy in the meridian of the stomach returned, the emotional intensity and fear as well as stomach problems disappeared. Remembering old wounds create to us stopping in the flow of energy, which creates emotional turmoil that will create all the health problems that we know.
Psychologists and psychiatrists are trying with many sessions to retrieve these traumatic memories, so that the patient is cured. In contrast, the EFT respects the memories, but is addressed to the true cause of the problem, which is the breakdown of the energy system of the body. In fact the problem is not the traumatic we experience, as the whole world believes, but the splitting of our energy system.
Our body is an energy system. If the power is interrupted, it is like when we cut our hand or some other part of our body, as there is a problem since there must be paste to continue our normal life.
Gary Craig says: “The memories of traumatic experiences are those that cause disruption of the energy system, which in turn causes unwanted feelings and emotional outbursts. The real cause of illnesses and symptoms that we feel is the breakdown of our energy system, which is restored by the EFT.
But when psychologists and psychiatrists with the recall of traumatic experiences create splitting of the energy system of the patient, then they do not solve the problem. 
The key is that the cause of all negative emotions is our division, disruption of our energy system. “
According to Gary Craig, Dr Roger Callahan and Robert Najemy, who teach successful EFT, in our country, but also to great teachers of EFT in America as psychologist Dr David Feinstein and Donna Eden, there are other reasons that cause problems that are treated with EFT, such as?
Erroneous childhood conclusions. There are children’s experiences which make us not appreciate ourselves, not have self-confidence and self-esteem. The experiences of these make us at the first difficulty not have confidence in ourselves, feel insecurity and phobias, which cause us stomach ulcers and cancer
The child takes responsibility for himself. They are childhood experiences, particularly guilty about something that happened to his parents. For example, when a child’s parents get divorced, he threw the blame on himself and for the rest of his life he felt guilt. There is no more devastating feeling for a child of guilt. They make him lose all self esteem.
Charged impressions. There are painful experiences that, although they occurred to us only once, have left an indelible mark. For example, if we were bitten by a dog, whenever we see a dog, we literally get sick.
Psychological reversal
We have become so addicted to the problem that we feel that if we part, then we will have a bigger problem. We do not want to let the problem because we will lose control. We want to punish others with our self-destruction. We are afraid of taking responsibility for our lives. We must correct the reversal, i.e. the resistance we have to part from the problem. 
The great psychologist and psychiatrist Arthur Janov, who among other things has worked at the Psychiatric Department of the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles in California, tells us that when we were little kids, the painful experiences that used to hurt us and we could not tackle them, we remove them. We oppressed them and repulsed them in our subconscious. Now, however, when the stimulus that activates the energy field that is created by them occurs, make us paralyze of fear and they literally create panic to us.
The EFT heals in many cases the problem of sleep, depression and chronic pain. We start with the liberalization process, the set-up, where we do massage at point ST 16 over the right chest saying: “Although I have this specific problem (pain, fear, insomnia, I call the problem and focus my conscious on it), I love, I appreciate, I accept, I respect myself”. Then we do massage at point ST 16 over the left chest saying “I accept, I want, and deserve to get rid of the problem”. 
Hitting the points seven times with the index and long finger (if we cannot hit, we, do massage), while we focus our minds on the spot of the body where we have the problem or the feeling or the phobia that concerns us. These points are energy centers where key energy meridians start, They have discovered them and Chinese have been using acupuncture for thousands of years and are as follows:
– In the beginning of the eyebrow (B2) is the starting point of the Bladder meridian. 
– On the edge of the eye, where the eye ends on the right and left side of the forehead (GB1) is the starting point of the bile meridian. 
– In the cheek just below the eye (ST2) is the starting point of the stomach meridian.
– Under the nose (GV26) is the starting point of the Governor meridian 
– In the chin, just below the lip (CV24) is the starting point of the central meridian.
– Under the arm at breast height (SP21) is the starting point of the spleen meridian. 
– Under the clavicle at the point where the collarbone joins the sternum (K27) is the ending point of the kidney meridian. 
– Next to the palm (where you do bang karate) there goes the small intestine meridian (SI 4, 3).
– Back from the palm, between the bone of the little finger and the adjacent middle shorter finger (TW2, called point gamut point). When we hit that point, we close our eyes open them, look down, down right, down left, up, make full 360 degree circle with our eyes, starting from the right and the same on the left. Also, for a few seconds we whisper a song rhythm, counting to five and whisper again the song’s rhythm (this is done to restore the balance of energy in our body).
The above method may seem simple, but it works better and faster than any other method and we explained why, but since it’s very important, I will repeat it in more detail. 
By hitting or abrasion on specific energy centers piezoelectricity is generated, i.e. electromagnetic waves are produced, which spread all over our nervous system and brain. The combination of hits and focusing our thinking on the negative effects (fear, anger, depression, furious reaction, severe stress by cortisol secreting, adrenaline that depletes our body), which gives us a stimulus, it disables and stops it.
This is because, as discovered by leading scientists who are engaged in the operation of the brain, including Nobel prize winner Eric Kandel, by the hits and the focus of our thinking on the problem electromagnetic waves are sent to the amygdale (located in the limbic brain) and disable the alarm (fear, depression, intense stress) that we would have from the specific stimulus. By repeating certain lines of EFT, the neural networks that were built in our brain and caused to us negative feelings, tire and disappear, so do not ever feel negative emotions with the specific stimulus (e.g. fear if seeing police) that cause negative emotions.
So, if we want to achieve a goal, we hit these energy centers and focus our attention at this goal. Thereby, we send electromagnetic waves to our brain and strengthen the neural networks we have created to achieve this goal, so our consciousness focuses more time and with more intensity on his goal, according to quantum physics it is the sure way to fulfill all our dreams. 
Personally, since I had discovered the power of EFT to achieve my goals, every morning I start my day by the series of EFT and by focusing my attention to my short-term but also long-term ambitions. It’s amazing how much the signal sent to our inner self is strengthened, how our goals dominate our consciousness and create strong neural network in our brain, which direct us initiatively to achieve our goals.
Short range EFT: 
– If I’m on the road and I feel afraid, anxious, I hit on the cheek (ST2), armpit (SP21) and the clavicle (K27). The point on the cheek is the energy point which helps us overcome fear and anxiety. 
– If I have desires, I hit on the cheek (ST2), armpit (SP21) and the clavicle (K27). The point on the cheek (ST2) is the energy point which also helps us overcome desires, as our desire of eating chocolate. 
– If I have trauma or something that hurts me psychologically, I hit the edge (B2), the cheek (ST2), armpit (SP21) and the clavicle (K27). The eyebrow (B2) is the energy point that helps us overcome a physical or psychological trauma.
– If the traumatic experience brings me anger, I hit on eyebrow (B2), the cheek (ST2), armpit (SP 21), the clavicle (K27), the small finger (SI 1) and again the clavicle (K27). The back of the nail near the little finger of the hand (SI1, here starts the meridian of the small intestine) is the energy point that helps us overcome anger.
– When we have remorse, we beat the index (LI1, here starts the meridian of large intestine), the clavicle (K27), index (LI 1) and again the clavicle (K27). The index (LI 1) is the energy point that helps us overcome guilt.
– For body pains, we hit 30 times the point behind the palm between the bone of the little finger and the adjacent shorter middle finger (TW1). The energy here is the point that helps us overcome the pain.
– When we have psychological reversal (something inside us does not want to restore the problem, because it serves some subliminal state), we rub the energy point in the key (K27) or hit by the palm (SI 3, 4). 
If the brief set does not work, then we repeat the normal one listed above.
I think that for simple cases, these techniques help immensely. Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists in America, as psychologist Dr Patricia Carrington, realized that the combination of classical therapeutic psychology or psychotherapy with EFT gives amazing results, mostly in psychotherapy for depression, of which a very large population is suffering from. 
Psychiatrist Dr Hank Krol combined the techniques of EFT with standard therapy for depression, Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT. 
If anyone wants more for EFT, there are many doctors (20,000) in America who apply this method and have written books, as one of the inventors of EFT, Gary Craig, Donna Eden in her book “The promise of Energy Psychology”, Philip and Jane Mountrose who have written the book “The Heart & Soul of EFT: A Soulful Exploration of the Emotional Freedom Techniques and Holistic Healing” and psychologist Dr David Feinstein with his book “Energy Psychology Interactive”. You can also buy the cd or watch the tutorial on the EFT by Robert Najemy, which is superb and makes the perfect application of EFT.
2.3. EFT for psychological inversion or for sabotaging our own progress
Our psychological reversal is our resistance in improvement, in the liberation of our negative emotions and beliefs, such as smoking, being overweight and in all physical and mental problems. It is sabotage we create for ourselves. We do not to let it overcome a problem. While the conscious wants us, the subconscious for various reasons that we, do not know refuses to cooperate.
Gary Graig says: “The psychological reversal is the main reason that we cannot give up smoking, alcohol or lose weight. It is a challenge to sabotage ourselves. We sabotage it so as to get rid of the weights that prevent him from “flying”. “
The psychological sabotage we create for ourselves can stop with the set up done at the beginning of EFT, as follows. 
By rubbing the energy point over the right chest or by hitting the point of karate in our hands and saying aloud, three times: “Although I am afraid angry or I have this problem or bad habit, I absolutely and deeply accept myself”.
By rubbing the energy point over the left chest or hitting the point of karate in our hand, saying aloud three times: “Although until now I was afraid and angry, now I choose to get rid of anger and guilt”.
Many times the resistance of discharging the emotion comes from the feeling that it protects us from something, e.g. if I am angry, the others are afraid so I am protected.
Also, we are afraid that we would not be noticed if we do not have this negative feeling or that we will lose our value or elements of our character.
“If I get well, I must take responsibility of my life”. Many today argue that multiple sclerosis comes from our refusal to take responsibility of our lives. 
“I do not want to rid myself because I want to punish someone or I fear happiness because I was programmed in childhood that I do not deserve happiness”. 
In all above, we say aloud: “Although I feel that I do not deserve happiness because I thought that I’m not worthy, I now realize, feel, understand, experience that I do deserve to be happy”.
Generally we say: “Even though I feel …… because I thought ……… now I realize, I feel, I realize I experience that I do deserve to ………» 
We specify the stimulus that we have feelings and experiences we have when this emotion comes to the surface. Also, when we feel the emotion we deserve.
Phobias or childhood experiences go more easily with EFT, because the events that created our phobias and childhood experiences are not repeated, so as to create a neural network. Without the strong background of the neural network, it is easy to get rid of these problems.
Emotions that are based on repeated causes create deeper roots. First, they create a powerful brain neural network; on the other hand, the peptides of this emotion pervade the receivers of our cells and the cells generated, have more receptors for these feelings. These feelings become an addiction in our body, so that we seek situations that cause this feeling. For example, anyone who has been addicted to the feeling of anger, does not lose chance to make a fight with anyone he meets. 
We must do EFT exercise, to overcome the energy blockage of negative emotions 
We may have resistance to achieve our goal, but we can have resistance to try, again we should do EFT to curb this resistance.

2.4. EFT for achieving future goals
As I have mentioned before, everything is energy. When we do not achieve something, it means that we have resistance to achieve this. It is a feeling which blocks the energy. 
We will work on the emotions that prevent us.
By rubbing the right breast saying: “Although I have this feeling, e.g. frustration, despair, love, appreciate, accept myself.” Then by rubbing the energy point on the left chest, saying: “I want, deserve, allow myself to get rid of this feeling.” 
We continue the same process until we fully accept ourselves. 
Once we dissolve all the resistances that prevent us from achieving our purpose, we start planning to achieve our goal. 
We begin a new round of EFT, to give the corresponding energy frequency to the vibration of our body, which will lead us to achieve our goal.
By rubbing the energy point in the right chest, saying: “Although I was not able to achieve this goal, e.g. to buy a house or get this promotion, I achieve it now.” “Then we rub the energy left point, while saying: “I perform; deserve, allow myself to make this target now.” 
According to quantum physics, we are energy, if the energy circulates freely within and pulsate at specific frequencies, and then we can control people, situations and events that will bring prosperity in our lives. 
The EFT process, with which, after unblocking the flow of our energy and then, after focusing on our thoughts, in combination with the simultaneous activation of our energy centers, it is the best method which exists to achieve our goals.
2.5. EFT for the stimulus, emotion and then EFT for the solution
We stress te stimulus, e.g. “I feel guilty because I did not realize that my father had a problem with his heart and I did not take him to the doctor in good time, as a result he died”. We repeat EFT set by, rubbing the energy point over my right breast, saying exactly the problem:”I feel guilty because I did not take my father to the doctor; as a result he died of a heart attack.” By rubbing the left point energy over the chest, I repeat the problem and also the solution: “Even though I feel guilty because I did not take my father to the doctor, I want, deserve, and decide to get rid of the guilt”.
I continue the EFT set by tapping the base of the brow, temples and the cheek, then saying the stimulus: “ I feel remorse…” During EFT we observe that we feel very emotional and we yawn.
This series of stimulus detection is to identify, clarify and bring to the surface energy of feeling that causes us pain, suffocation, panic and generally blocks energy within us. 
Then I start the corrective EFT, by rubbing over my right breast and saying, “Even though I feel guilty because … I love you, appreciate, accept myself, trust the universal power that’s inside of me”. 
By rubbing the energy point over the left chest, saying loudly: “Even though I feel guilty when I think … I decide, I deserve it, I choose, it is my best interest to get rid I will get rid of this guilt.” 
We can beat or rub the energy points and say alternately the stimulus, emotion and solution.
2.6. EFT for the fear of death
Most people are terrified throughout their life by this fear.
We apply exactly the same technique with the stimulus that we used above. 
We do EFT series on the stimuli of fear or panic we feel. (A classic reaction of the ego when we have not realized our true nature), after we bring it to the surface.
We change our vibrations from lower vibrations that we feel with fear and panic into higher vibrations of love, appreciation for ourselves and for our Creator. This is achieved with a new series of EFT, where while hitting or rubbing the energy points, we say aloud the stimulus and its solution. 
Rubbing the energy point above the right breast, we say loudly: “Although I panic at the idea of death, I love and appreciate, myself; I believe that my real self was not born and will never die”. Rubbing the energy point over the left chest, we say aloud: “Although I feel panic when I think of the idea of death, I decide, deserve, I choose, it is my benefit to get rid of this panic.”
EFT for children’s experiences:”Although I felt rejection or inability because my parents told me that I that will not accomplish anything, I now realize, feel, understand and experience that I deserve and I am able to accomplish anything in my life”.
EFT for pain: “Although I felt pain because …., now I realize, feel, understand, I experience that I deserve, I have interest to live my life without this pain.” 
Addiction, as smoking, eating, drinking etc. is the means to heal and settle our internal concern, our internal disorder and the stress we have. Stress creates disruption of our energy. When we stop smoking, put on weight, it is because we go from one addiction to another to cover our wish. 
Many of us have psychological reversal to stop smoking or stop eating. Secretly we are accommodated and we sabotage ourselves, as Gary Craig says 
How to stop smoking with EFT 
First, we smell the cigarette and realize from 1-10 how much we want it. 
Rubbing the right place on the chest three times repeating “I accept myself even though I wish much to smoke.”
We do the knocks, saying, “The desire of the cigarette”.
With EFT, we restore the flow of energy and our body does not seek addiction to eating, drinking or smoking.
2.7. What do experts and doctors applying EFT say 
Robert Najemy: “EFT is the greatest gift to humanity. I’ve been working 35 years with similar methods and this method has shown the best and the best results with the least effort”.
The American physician Dr Eric Robins: “Someday the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all diseases. When they realize this, EFT will be one of the main therapeutic tools, as it is for me now”.
Gary Graig: “40 years ago I realized that the quality of our lives is directly related to emotional health. Emotional health is the basis behind the confidence in ourselves, it is the source of all our success in every step of our life”. EFT was originally designed to help the psychotherapeutic profession. This objective has been fully achieved and the use of EFT managed to dramatically reduce the time of treatment, months or years required by traditional methods of psychotherapy, in minutes or hours.”
Furthermore, with EFT we observed permanent cure to major health problems, such as, improved eyesight, eliminating headaches, pain subsiding and symptoms of cancer. This is because EFT is based on reasons that classical medicine ignores. Integrative medicine for example gives little attention to body energy pauses, circulating in the energy meridians while giving great weight to emotional causes, which is the key to the EFT”.. 
Attending the Olympic Games in Beijing, I saw our many year Olympic champion Vlassis Maras lose and get excluded because he was nervous as it was not his day. If he had done EFT a few minutes before, everything would be perfect. Not only would the day be good but it would be his best day. Make every day hits or massage of EFT and every day will be a better day. All your tension will disappear and you will be full of inspiration, wisdom, joy and beauty
Another method is also TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) which was discovered by Tapas Fleming. We put the thumb and ring finger at the edge of the eye and the base of the nose and the big toe in the third eye which is exactly the forehead between the eyes, over the nose. This technique disables our concern, and helps us reprogram positively. Keeping our fingers in the above points, we say several positive expressions, as the ones I have in my book “That’s how the miracle happens”,” the source of my problems have now been cured”. 
We can get rid of autoimmune diseases by changing thoughts, feelings, and using methods like meditation and EFT. 

Conclusion: The cause of all negative emotions is our division, disruption of our energy system, caused by the recollection of traumatic experiences
The real cause of disease and the symptoms we feel is the breakdown of our energy system, which is restored by EFT. 
Do not forget that we are energy. This energy moves in large “streams” we call meridians. With our negative emotions, energy is blocked and then the part of the body or the organ that receives energy from specific meridian lacks energy and suffers, gets sick and many times it is destroyed and it causes collapse in the whole body. It is much easier to restore the blockage of energy, but also to get rid of the negative programming that exists in our brain and causes energy blockage, rather than take drugs to fix the symptom of the organ .with drugs we do not permanently solve the problem, because these correct temporarily the symptoms and not the real cause. What in fact, drugs offer us is the side effects posed by chemicals containing that poison other organs of the body that do not suffer. EFT is a very simple and effective method that we all can apply. 
To achieve a specific purpose, we should first get rid of energy blockages that create our negative emotions, but also strengthen the neural networks of the brain, involving reaching this goal. With EFT we plan ourselves to achieve our goal, focusing our thoughts on it (the observer in quantum physics creates the effect) and we coordinate our body to vibrate at frequencies that attract situations and people that will contribute to the achieving of our goal. 

I am author and spiritual healer, thousands  of people have read my books “A Life Full of Light” & “That’s how the miracle happens” and have changed completely their social life and their health. These books are a manual about life.

Is a manual with instructions for use, they offer the tools, with which, by putting them into use, every simple man of whatever age or spiritual level they can evolve their consciousness and in this way directly improve his life in every domain.

When we speak about the evolution of consciousness, we mean the evolution of the understanding of man regarding everything. We mean man’s ability to comprehend, to grasp his true nature and consequently, to understand the powers that he can draw from his Source.

I my page www.afotopoulos you find many articles and many video where I speak in Greek that I explain everything how we can live A Life Full of Light and how where man by evolving his awareness reaches the point of doing miracles.

The above books have Cds that can alter our negative beliefs and reprogram our subconscious, so that we can live a happy life, healthy and prosperous, which is the main purpose of these books.

All have started 20 years ago when i have suffered from a serious disease (multiple sclerosis) and  then I have reprogrammed my subconscious, by applying the technique of Alphamatics (which can be found in the CD of the books) and with the help of visualization, and prayer, I altered the thoughts and negative beliefs and I evolved my awareness and I am in a perfect health know. I realized, therefore, that everything depends on the man’s self-image. Every body reads my books realize that:

Our consciousness affects or better still creates and reforms our body and everything around us.

Only egoism and the fear it generates can drive us away from fulfilling our dreams.

We are spirits, souls full of light. We possess light, love, infinite inspiration, and endless possibilities when our heart (which embodies our soul) is open and is communicating with its Source, from which everything emanates. When we are filled with negative feelings however, our heart closes, our contact with the Source and with the Light is lost and so we experience a life stranded in the darkness, in sickness, in miserable relationships and in lack of wealth.

The aim of the book ‘‘A Life full of Light’’& “That’s how the miracle happens” is to show you not only the way but also the means of freeing yourself from the darkness, of reconnecting with your Source and of filling your life with Light, health, felicity, wealth

, and happy relationships.

with unconditional love

Alexis Fotopoulos  page:afotopoulos.gr, mobile 0030-6977349766, tel 0030-2103387000, facebook:Alexis Fotopoulos, Alexios Fotopoulos







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