Jim Rohn’s cure for a bad attitude

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“- [Music] the diseases of attitude it’s never that pleasant to talk about the negative. But we got to talk about it because life is part negative. These attitude diseases are like weeds that grow in the garden it’s a normal part of life.

Here’s a good phrase to note “Negative is normal it’s not successful but it’s normal it’s part of life”. And here’s the next key in my opinion you must learn to handle the negative. Don’t ignore it handle it!

Now I know some people teach the other way and listen to them and listen to me and then make up your own mind right? Don’t be a follower be a student but I say you got to handle the negative. You don’t have to live in it you don’t have to dwell on it but you do have to handle it.

My opinion I know some people teach just turn your head real quick and say there’s no way just no age there’s no weights. They’ll take your guard so you’ve got to handle the negative. Here’s what part of it is called the great wal between good and evil. Mr. Reynolds and I are working on a new book this year called the great wal between good and evil.

And there is a wal on the minute you were born you got involved in. The wal between good and evil, between darkness and light. Between negative and positive, between evil and good. Between tyranny and democracy, between weeds and human activity.

I mean the is on if democracy sleeps guess who never sleeps? Tyranny in the absence of light guess what’s automatic? Darkness! If good does not arouse itself and become active guess what moves in? Evil, it’s a wal a mental wal, a physical wal, a financial wal, between enterprise and ease.

Between accomplishment and failure it’s a wal that’s why there’s an Old Testament phrase that gives the best advice for human activity. When it says six days labor one day rest. Now I’m sure we’ve taken that to mean don’t work all seven days take one off. Here’s what it also means. Only take one off or you’re liable to lose the wal!

Now we’ve got it down to five and two and maybe that’s not too dangerous. I don’t know if God would have thought of five and two he might have made it five and two. I don’t know you can’t think of everything but here’s what it does mean. Enterprise is better than ease if you rest too long the jungle overtakes the village!

Now here’s the good news about the wal between good and evil. Evil is no match for good but good must be active. Weeds are no match for human activity but if you stand still how far in will they come. All the way they’ll grow right up around your shoes. But if you get busy how far back can you take them? As far as you wish they’re no match but you must be active that’s why the six and one.

Make sure you’re not losing the wal by taking off. To guess what the average years are after retirement six [Music] six which means don’t retire! Your chances are to steep okay the wal between good and evil.

The weeds you got to make sure you recognize the negative. Handle it, deal with it, and then go on. Let’s make a list of the diseases of attitude that can wreck all your chances to do well. One of the words that destroys everything is called neglect.

Neglect and I found this out a week of neglect could cost you a year of repair Isn’t worth it! So what to be on the lookout for here’s the list if you were making it you’d have the same list I’ve got. But we’re not covering anything new tonight this is a reminding session not a teaching session.”

Jim Rohn for over 30 years has made people from all walks of life dig deep and pull out the greatness within themselves. In this video Jim describes bad mental attitudes, where they come from and how to cure them.

Motivational speaking at it’s finest I know you will enjoy this video as much as I and many others have for so many years. Jim really knows how to make a person think of what they need to do in order to be successful and has a way to get them to take action . So if you are in a rut in life this video by Jim Rohn will boost you up.



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